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Submission of FSB of Lahore 40MW Waste-to-Energy Project
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  On June 23, Lahore Xingzhong Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, submitted the feasibility study report of Lahore 40MW waste-to-energy project to Punjab Power Development Board (PPDB).

  This project, with a total investment of about USD 200 million, is the first environmental protection energy project in Pakistan based on waste incineration that can deal with 2,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day, 670,000 tons per year. On October 19, 2016, PPDB granted the project a Letter of Interest. Subsequently, the company began to focus on preparing the project’s feasibility study report, including technology-related affairs, the project budget, equipment and materials lists, design drawings, and a project implementation plan. Among them, works such as the project EIA report, geological survey report, topographic map survey, waste components analysis, and financial model audit were commissioned to local design companies in Lahore.

  After in-depth research, wide coordination, and careful preparation, the feasibility study report completed its first draft in April and final version in late June, and was finally submitted to PPDB on time when passing the company’s audit and verification.

  Submitting the feasibility study report means major progress has been made in the earlier stages of laying the ground work for the project, marking the company taking a solid step in advancing the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the “going out” strategy.